boys and minna 1957

That’s me with the bike and the bear. I can’t remember his name but I do remember the lady’s name – Minna. She was my nanny in India. I remember crying when I saw her getting smaller in the rear car window as we drove away for the last time. She was standing there with all my friends and my dogs and I was never going to see them again.

It’s not all been sad, far from it!

Now I am in France but because of that dislocation I have never really felt at ‘home’ anywhere but India which I have only visited a couple of times since then!

The history of the family, lovingly and diligently researched by Ken Whitehouse and seen here, Herons Family History, is worth looking at if you like that sort of thing.

Spin forward about 60 years, lived in the UK mainly Cambridge, sport, business and then teaching, now in France. Married three times, three great daughters (they say real men only produce girls).

The body is still holding together and the mind becomes stronger.

Current interests; sport, staying alive, loving, learning and my project!

Hoping to make the world a better place before I revert to micro atoms in the flow of the universe!

More stuff about the old days and the Raj here!